Manufacture of NPmotowear.

I’m the owner of Many of you may have known me previously as Nick Plenzick

This business was started in August 2005, it’s been a long hard road since then.

We have carried many fine products from many fine manufactures over the years. Everyone who is associated with NPmoto are serous riders. Most of us ride well over 10,000 miles a year, some of us three times that. We take riding seriously, motorcycles are not toys for us but are a fun and rewarding means of transportation.


Over the past few years we came to realize that there was a need for a undergarment that  provided comfort on and off the bike. The summer of 2013 brought us searching for a material that could provide us with the results we were looking for.

Prototypes were produced, field testing was accomplished and production of NPmotwear was started at our facility here in Pennsylvania, May of 2014.


Many manufactures make “wicking/breathable” garments. Some of these manufactures are very famous and are multi million dollar corporations. So how can a small company such as NPmoto compete against these giants. The simple answer is, we’re not run by accountants and book keepers. We have a passion for what we do and that passion is not only for riding motorcycles but its also for keeping jobs right here in the USA. By having production in our backyard we can keep a close eye on quality control, not have long lead times for production, and develop new products in lighting fast time while providing jobs right where we live.


So what’s so different about NPmotowear? I have owned many wick-able garments. Some designed for riding, some for the general consumer. Most worked for a period of time however all had one thing in common. When washed multiple times the performance level started to decrease. Eventually the performance got so bad that these expensive garments were nothing more then a cotton undergarment and in some cases worse than that.

What I found in my search for a proper material was there were many textile manufactures that get their wicking performance by a chemical agent that’s applied after the textile is made, thus after multiple washings the performance is simply washed away.

The material we use has the performance built into the fabric, it’s actually part of the fabric itself, it can’t be washed away. Doesn’t matter how many times its washed, they’ll still perform and look like new for a very long time. Our testing has shown after 100 washings there’s no downgrade in performance . But wait there’s more! Seams are kept to a minimum and are flat lock, packs very small, dries very quickly if you need to hand wash when traveling, machine washable and dryable when your home, feels like silk against your body, wears like iron, and wicks moisture away from your body so fast you’ll be stunned!


I’m also a big believer that racing improves the product. That’s why we sponsored seven time land speed record holder Valerie Thompson and AMA Pro road racer and winner Elena Myers   These two women along with several long distance riders are our test bed    


Although we designed NPmotowear for riding motorcycles they really can be worn by anyone doing anything. With a one year warranty, a price that beats the competition , and made in the USA, I hope you’ll give them a try!                           


Ride long and safe!

Nick Plenzick